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Pair of Cuisses 1540

A pair. Consisting of a one piece cuisse shaped to the thigh with central crease and bold inward turned roped roll at the top. Poleyn of 4 plates, the cop deeply dished with a large wing on the outside, wing with inward turned roped rolled edge. One small articulating lame above and below the cop and a terminal plate with an inward turned roped roll on the bottom edge. Some old repairs - one cop has a patched hole and one has the wing re-attached. A nice example of a plain armour of the mid 16th century. In uncleaned condition from an English household. Similar in many ways to the right cuisse that survives in the collection of Her Majesty the Queen inventoried as #139 in ARMS , ARMOUR IN THE COLLECTION OF HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN - inventory number RCIN 72868 and identified as probably Flemish 1540.

Weight (left): 1 pound 14.6 ounces (860g).

Measurements: 15 in. tall overall (measured on the left cuisse, straight). Left cuisse thickness .029-.050 in. Most common measurements .032-.038. Lower small lame .024-.041 generally .032. Terminal lame .031-.039. Cop .036-.062, wing .036-.052. upper lame app. .030.


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