Armor Stands

There are many different ways to display armor. Of course you can just hang it from the wall or a beam. The first image shows (mostly) pieces hung by wire from hooks in beams. Most people don't have beams, but you can do the same thing using hooks in a wall or, like the second image shows, something that acts like a picture moulding. In this case I used a stained 1x4 and then I hung pieces from this using small hooks. The second image also shows a few simple helmet stands.

armor hanging on the wall armor hanging on the wall

But it is often interesting to display "suits" or "half suits" as a unit. To do this, you need to have some kind of form that supports the pieces of the armor in the right positions. Here are several different ways that can be done. I am certain that there are many more.

posable stand by Robert MacPherson
A custom armor stand made by Robert MacPherson. This one has gained fame for is extreme flexibility. It can be adjusted to different sizes and poses.
semi-posable stand for the WAM
A set of armor stands made for the WAM
wood stand
Different styles of static wooden stands that I have used to display armor.
semi-posable stand for the WAM
A stand based on standard pipe and fittings made by Josh Warren
tube and scroll based static stands for the Frazier armors
A stand consisting of telescoping tubing and scrolls made for the Frazier Museum
metal armatures to support partial armors
A few different steel armatures for displaying parts of armor.